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Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum but I want to share my first experience with Cialis, a little about why I got it in the first place, and what the effects were. I also plan on following up on how this affects my sex life in the immediate if not longer-term future.

I'm a fit, hockey-playing, very healthy 36 year old divorcee and NEVER had ED symptoms or problems ever. This year is a big year, and I'm going through lots of life changes. I have an 18 year old daughter finishing high school and I'm planning on moving in with my unbelievably gorgeous girlfriend. My parents are becoming much more dependent on me for things as their health (especially my father's) is deteriorating. Also I have been mired in a huge 4-month project at work that I finally completed. All of it Resulted in some wicked ED- just nothing happening. The embarrassment is just killing me.

I took my 10mg cialis around 6 pm expecting the possibility of sex around 10pm. I took it on an empty stomach. I did not feel any upset stomach. I began noticing effects within about 2 hours. My nose stuffed up slightly, but it is difficult for me to say 100% it was cilalis as i have seasonal allergies and sneezed about 20 times that day! I achieved an erection as expected around 10pm, and had intercourse. Erection quality was absolutely a 10. I was able to maintain my erection without stimulation, some with chemical help and also kegeling. No heart symptoms, no back pain, no other side effects. Cialis has been an amazing revelation for me in a few short hours and I'm glad I have some left, for those special occasions like a romantic weekend. My plan right now is to continue the 5 Gs - which have yet to help, but i havent been on them long- and use Cialis sparingly-- as well as adapt to my changing lifestyle-- to get to the point where I can achieve 8/9/10 EQ on my own.Sign-up now!

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